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Free digital preview prior to ordering
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Graphic editing fees offered
Your logo is not in the right format or needs to be edited before being printed? No problem, our team of graphic designers will take care of it at no extra cost.
Zaprinta Over 30,000 products available
Over 30,000 products available
Choose your advertising items from our wide selection. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us! Our team will find the ideal product for you.
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As head of human resources in a large group, I was looking for a nice gift for the people working for us. Zaprinta has customized isothermal mugs with our logo and everyone's first name. The team was amazed !
Anne S.
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Goodies are also called advertising gifts or business gifts. Indeed, this selection of objects groups together different items that are necessary for the development of a company. Beyond the simple umbrella, necklace or advertising fabric, promotional gifts are an interesting communication medium. Many objects such as umbrellas, pens and mugs are involved. Easily insert text, logo or brand with laser engraving on any type of object. Advertising goodies combine both utility and communication support at a lower cost. Discover classic or more original gift ideas from our catalogue. Define your needs as a corporate gift and personalize your promotional pen easily. Offer your employees, customers and business partners business gifts that will allow your image to grow positively. Goodies are generally used on a daily basis and therefore leave their visual imprint. Add a personal touch to your company's brand image, at your events or as a thank you with our gift ideas.
Many cases require the use of gift ideas. Whether you are a start-up, a well-established company or an association, serigraphy makes it possible to celebrate events, thank a clientele or reward your teams. Associations can offer an advertising fabric such as a t-shirt or a backpack with their logo printed on it. Administrative services use office supplies all year long. Offer an advertising pen to establish your image within the company. Organize events by offering company goodies such as a pretty pen or a colorful necklace. Your brand image is achieved through personalized corporate gifts. Stand out from the competition by thanking your customers for their loyalty with laser engraving. Corporate goodies bring visibility to your company without compromising your communication budget. Consumers are sensitive to commercial efforts and will appreciate a selection of objects dedicated to them. You will soon find your personalized umbrella, your advertising fabric or your original key ring in the hands of your most loyal customers.
In order to meet your needs, we have divided our advertising goodies into different categories. Depending on the brand image you want to develop, find classic corporate goodies such as pens, notebooks or backpacks. Find a selection of trendy objects such as reusable water bottles, USB sticks or custom chargers. We have developed several categories of advertising fabrics, necklaces or key rings that can be personalized by laser engraving and serigraphy. Whatever your needs, you will find the corporate gifts that will accompany your brand image. Connected objects, gadgets, fabrics and office supplies are all eligible for personalization. Give a boost to your communication through the object by choosing corporate gifts that look like you. From the advertising pen to the backpack and the back-up battery, each object is professionally serigraphed. Find our selection of objects categories using our simple interface.
Communication through the object is a challenge when it is a non-flat object such as a pen, round key ring or mug. Thanks to our professional laser engraving service, you benefit from perfectly realized promotional gifts. Our entire team will support you and advise you as soon as you discover our gift ideas catalogue. We advise you on the best choice to make in terms of communication support. Whether you are looking for classic business gifts (pen, mug, necklace...) or more original to extend your brand image, our advisors are at your disposal to meet your expectations. Discover how to improve your image with a colored advertising pen with a new logo designed by our graphic designers. Trust our team of specialists in corporate gifts and object communication to design unique promotional gifts that match your image.
Serigraphy on advertising goodies offers many advantages. First of all, they are useful objects for everyday use. In the office or for leisure, objects used by the greatest number of people are essential. Offer your employees, customers and partners a backpack, pen, mug or key ring in your company's colors. Give your advertising space a fresh breath by discovering our selection of items eligible for serigraphy. Bring your image of renewal by selecting our personalized gift ideas. Communication by the object makes it possible to create a trendy advertisement at a low price. According to the American Advertising Association study, promotional gifts are used almost once a day and are offered to family and friends very frequently. In addition, the study showed that the combination of the usefulness and pleasantness of business gifts makes them more frequently used. Thus, a pretty mug or a personalized pen is more often used by the recipients.