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Sacoche personnalisée écologique

Ecological personalized bag

Discover our range of small personalized ecological bags made from recycled materials and personalized with your logo.

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Carnet personnalisé écologique

Ecological personalized notebook

Discover our selection of personalized ecological advertising notebooks made of recycled paper and cardboard, the essential tool for your employees!

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Sac à dos personnalisé écologique

Ecological personalized backpack

Choose an eco-friendly promotional backpack made of organic cotton and recycled materials customized with your design, ideal for sports, work and shopping.

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Stylo personnalisé écologique

Ecological personalized pen

Think about the environment with our personalized eco-friendly ballpoint pens made of recycled cardboard and bamboo.

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Tote bag personnalisé écologique

Ecological personalized tote bag

Protect nature with our selection of personalized eco-friendly tote bags, also known as shopping bags, made from sustainable materials like organic cotton.

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Mug personnalisé écologique

Ecological personalized mug

Discover our selection of personalized ecological advertising mugs in stainless steel and ceramic for a more durable and reusable cup.

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The eco-friendly personalized thermos, an environmentally friendly accessory

Water is a natural and vital element to keep us alive. On the other hand, when we put it in a plastic bottle or a promotional mug, we are not acting to save the planet. Everyone is well aware that we must change our way of consuming by opting for an ecological personalized thermos, made of stainless steel and covered with bamboo to make it friendly and warm. Your new communication support will convey a positive image of your company and respect the environment.

Why give a personalized eco-friendly thermos


It is rare that a person does not want to hydrate at work, on vacation or at the sport. Don't hesitate to communicate your company's image and values by choosing a customizable thermos or a stainless steel advertising mug. You will demonstrate to your customers or employees your desire to act for the protection of the planet by having chosen sustainable materials. The large surface of the isothermal bottle allows you to engrave your company's logo or an original message, which ensures a large visibility to the public.

How to choose your eco-friendly personalized thermos

The main materials of your customizable thermos are stainless steel and bamboo. These materials are durable over time and allow you to respect the environment. The ecological personalized thermos is an advertising object appreciated by the customers as well as by the collaborators. An isothermal bottle can be put in a sports bag, in the car for a vacation or in the backpack for a hike. You offer to your target a personalized advertising object with a nice engraving and a noble and natural material.

The design of your custom eco-friendly thermos

You offer a refined personalized gift by opting for an ecological personalized thermos. Hot or cold drinks, the customizable thermos is an original and useful daily companion. Looking for a way to make it even more unusual without your company's unique logo? Our team of graphic designers can be reached by chat, phone or email at Starting at 10 units, you will be able to offer an environmentally friendly personalized thermos that reflects your image. Once you have obtained the print approval, you will be delivered within 10 days.