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EcoCharge - Ashprington - Warminster

EcoCharge - Ashprington - Warminster

The 5W wireless charger of nature line and circular design is a stylish and eco-friendly charging


Per piece, base on 250 pieces

Logo in 4 colors

From 5 pieces

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5W Bamboo Wireless Charger - Cuttlebrook

5W Bamboo Wireless Charger - Cuttlebrook

Introducing our practical and environmentally responsible 5W bamboo charger for wireless charging of mobile phones. This


Per piece, base on 250 pieces

Logo in 5 colors

From 10 pieces

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Eco Wireless Charger - Ashover - Grimsby

Eco Wireless Charger - Ashover - Grimsby

Introducing our latest 5W wireless charger with an eco-friendly twist. This wireless charger is crafted using


Per piece, base on 100 pieces

Logo in 5 colors

From 3 pieces

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Combine modernity and eco-friendliness with a custom eco-friendly wireless charger

Recharge your smartphone while keeping in mind the preservation of nature, it is now possible. Thanks to the induction charging, no more charging wires, incompatible between different models of smartphone. The induction charger is universal, limiting the production of specific chargers and can be of service around you. At the office, you could invest in a customized eco-friendly wireless charger that several colleagues could share: a good excuse to meet at the coffee break while being environmentally friendly.

Charging your smartphone via induction: a breeze

If you are not yet familiar with the induction charger, you should know that it represents a small revolution in the world of the smartphone. This flat base has a mAh battery, rechargeable through a USB cable. Once the battery is full, you just have to put your smartphone on it and the energy will be transmitted to it by induction wave. For the more environmentally friendly, this cradle can be charged day and night, so you might as well take advantage of off-peak hours to limit consumption.

Think of the eco-friendly personalized wireless charger for your corporate gifts

None of your partners travels without his phone and, between different meetings, it is not always easy to keep the battery of his smartphone intact. Offering a personalized ecological wireless charger is therefore an original and more than useful idea in the closed world of a company. It doesn't matter if you work in a small office and don't need hundreds of wireless chargers to satisfy everyone. Zaprinta offers small, customizable orders of as few as 10. Whether you want to put one in the middle of a meeting table, in the break room or on your colleagues' desks, every charger will find a smartphone to fit. No more stressing about forgetting your charger or having to limit your phone calls due to lack of battery: your employees will have no more excuses not to answer your calls!

Communication through objects thanks to personalization

Whether it is for a charger or for any other promotional object, personalization is the key word for a successful advertising. You can find, on the Zaprinta website, a large selection of objects intended for individuals as well as for companies, to be marked at your convenience. Whether you prefer a discreet logo or an effective slogan, it's up to you to make your choice and get help from a team of professional graphic designers to fine-tune your promotional object in its smallest details.

A next-generation promotion with the eco-friendly custom wireless charger

You've planned to offer a personalized eco-friendly wireless charger to your colleagues and/or co-workers who share the same office. Why not replicate this idea for a larger scale advertising? The general public is not averse to the idea of obtaining a technological object, especially since everyone is now equipped with a USB port. Stamped with your logo, it can only be effective to make people talk about you. You will transmit the image of a modern company, at the cutting edge and, moreover, which pleases its customers with useful objects in everyday life.

Quality materials for your wireless charger

To charge your phone, you used to have a cable, as simple as cumbersome. The wireless charger has imposed itself on you as a practical tool, which does not prevent it from respecting your desire to remain green. Zaprinta offers a range of chargers designed in noble and ecological materials, including wood, which will enhance your office as much as they will be respectful of nature when it comes time to recycle them. Despite technological advances, the respect of your values can thus remain safe and sound.

Customizing your charger: a team effort

At Zaprinta, everything is done to offer you quality objects that reflect your image. If the company takes care of making its objects in quality materials, it will not leave you alone in the choice of the one that will suit you. You can ask our team for advice if you are hesitating between several promotional objects, then be guided for the realization of your marking. Better yet, our team of graphic designers can propose an original logo for your branding, which you can then modify in close collaboration.

Don't keep your smartphone waiting

As a gift or a treat, you are worried about not receiving your eco-friendly personalized wireless charger on time. Don't worry, Zaprinta assures its customers of the shortest creation and delivery times. As soon as you choose your product, you will follow its production step by step, from its validation to its reception. As soon as your product and your logo are selected, you will receive a digital preview, in about four hours. You will then have to validate this preview, with only one click, for your project to be sent for creation. Within a few days, your products will be packaged and ready to ship. From then on, count on only 7 days to receive them in person. You will soon be able to get rid of your wired charger!