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Sacoche personnalisée écologique

Ecological personalized bag

Discover our range of small personalized ecological bags made from recycled materials and personalized with your logo.

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Carnet personnalisé écologique

Ecological personalized notebook

Discover our selection of personalized ecological advertising notebooks made of recycled paper and cardboard, the essential tool for your employees!

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Sac à dos personnalisé écologique

Ecological personalized backpack

Choose an eco-friendly promotional backpack made of organic cotton and recycled materials customized with your design, ideal for sports, work and shopping.

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Stylo personnalisé écologique

Ecological personalized pen

Think about the environment with our personalized eco-friendly ballpoint pens made of recycled cardboard and bamboo.

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Tote bag personnalisé écologique

Ecological personalized tote bag

Protect nature with our selection of personalized eco-friendly tote bags, also known as shopping bags, made from sustainable materials like organic cotton.

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An eco-friendly personalized mug, to enhance your responsible corporate image!

The eco-friendly personalized mug is an alternative to disposable plastic cups. It is made of natural materials (bamboo fiber, ceramic, glass, etc.), recycled products (bioplastic made from corn starch, etc.), or reusable materials that are harmless to the environment (stainless steel, etc.). At a time when the preservation of the planet has become a global concern, choosing an ecological mug as a communication support allows you to transmit a responsible image, aware of environmental issues. With such an ecological initiative, the impact of your marketing strategy is amplified and the visibility of your company is boosted.

Why choose an eco-friendly personalized mug as a promotional item


Useful on a daily basis at the office as well as at home, the ecological personalized mug is an excellent corporate gift. With a promotional mug, make your customers and employees ambassadors of your brand. Your company name or logo engraved on your eco-friendly bamboo fiber or stainless steel mugs will catch the attention of the people around the people you give them to. Then, since the eco-friendly personalized mug is washable as many times as its user wants, it guarantees effective exposure of your brand for an extended period.

Which eco-friendly custom mug designs to choose

Zaprinta offers a wide range of advertising mugs. You have models in bamboo fiber. To please your employees who love hot drinks, opt for an ecological personalized mug made of stainless steel. Our mugs are also available in a wide range of colors: orange, white, green, red, grey, black, etc. Choose the one that does not deviate from your graphic charter.

How to place an order for an eco-friendly custom mug at Zaprinta

To place your order at Zaprinta, browse our online catalog and choose the model of ecological personalized mug that appeals to you the most. Then, proceed to the personalization of your advertising mug by sending your logo or the message to be engraved to the email address If you wish, our team of graphic designers is at your disposal to create a specific design or adapt your logo. Within 4 hours of your order, we will send you a digital preview (print proof) allowing you to check and confirm your order. The delivery of your stainless steel or bamboo mugs is usually done within 10 days.