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Protective Visor - Stogumber - Bourne

Protective Visor - Stogumber - Bourne

The face shield covers the eyes, nose, and mouth, reducing the risk of spreading droplet infections.


Per piece, base on 1000 pieces

Logo in 5 colors

From 15 pieces

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ComfortShield - Whitchurch - Aldingbourne

ComfortShield - Whitchurch - Aldingbourne

Generous facial shield offering a high level of comfort. The visor folds up, with 4 different


Per piece, base on 100 pieces

Logo in 5 colors

From 3 pieces

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Retro Kettle - Measham - Aldington

Retro Kettle - Measham - Aldington

This stylish kettle from Muse has a capacity of 1.7 liters. This retro-style kettle combines modern


Per piece, base on 25 pieces

Logo in 1 color

From 1 pieces

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Who can order a custom covid visor?

Compliant with the European standard NF EN 166, the personalized coronavirus protective visor is a customizable safety visor that is perfectly suited for companies as well as associations and schools. Given the need to be protected and to protect others against the coronavirus, this equipment ensures an effective protection of almost the entire face. Specifically, the main entry points of covid-19 are protected, namely the eyes, nose and mouth. This protection of the head allows to reduce significantly the risks of propagation and transmission of the coronavirus.

To whom to give a custom covid visor


You can offer the visors ordered from Zaprinta to your employees to protect them. This is a gesture they will appreciate since it shows that you care about their health. It also improves your image with your customers. When they see that your employees are well equipped, they will have more confidence in your company. The custom coronavirus visor also fits seamlessly into your company's seduction and retention strategy. Your customers will be delighted to receive this device from you. Then, as they will wear them everywhere they go, you improve the visibility of your brand.

What is the purpose of a custom covid visor?

The customizable coronavirus face shield is a social distancing device made from materials suitable for prolonged skin contact. In addition, the finishes of this customizable clear face shield are designed to withstand long term use without causing irritation or discomfort to the wearer. It can be put on by itself in a minimum of time. Also, when a person wears this customizable splash guard, they are less likely to touch their face and further reduce the risk of contamination.

How to clean a custom covid visor

Unlike one-size-fits-all protective gear, a custom coronavirus visor offers a comfortable fit on the forehead with an elastic band. This means that the wearer adjusts it only once and does not have to touch it. Easy to disinfect, the customizable covid visor does not need to be washed like a custom covid mask or replaced frequently like a disposable mask. In fact, all it takes is one swipe of customizable hydroalcoholic gel and it's done. The personalized protective face shield thus ensures an important social distancing for a maximum protection.

What is the value of a custom covid visor in your company's communication strategy?

In this time of health crisis due to the covid-19, a personalized coronavirus protection visor fits perfectly in a responsible communication strategy for companies, but also for associations and schools. Customizable according to the needs and the message to be passed to the target public, this advertising visor of protection covid allows at the same time to make awareness. It is possible to display your company's logo and slogan, as well as a short message calling for vigilance, as the coronavirus continues to circulate. A custom covid visor with your company logo is also a powerful differentiator from the competition. In strategic marketing, this type of personalization is currently one of the key success factors. Whatever the sector of activity of your company, it brings you more visibility and improves your notoriety. In the context of a wedding, a covid wedding mask can also be personalized.

How to choose your custom protective visor at Zaprinta

To make a custom covid visor at Zaprinta, you need to start by choosing the right protective visor. To do this, browse through our models and identify the one that suits you. Then, choose the right color. The next step in the customization process is to define the advertising message: logo, slogan, text... to be displayed on your visor. Before we start production, our team will send you a visual rendering of the logo or slogan. If you are happy with it, you just have to confirm it and we will start the production of your visors.

How does Zaprinta customize your protective visor?

The personalization of the protective visor is done by marking. This operation is done at the level of the printing zone, well thought out to be visible by the target public without influencing the field of vision of the wearer and his efficiency at work. Concretely, the marking of the personalized coronavirus protective visor is realized on the lower part of the protective face shield or on the upper band. It is designed and implemented by our team of graphic designers and qualified technicians to guarantee a neat result and an irreproachable rendering.

Is it possible to order a custom covid visor in small quantities from Zaprinta?

At Zaprinta, a custom coronavirus visor can be ordered in small quantities as needed. You can place your order from 10 pieces. However, if you order in larger quantities, the cost will decrease. Finally, regarding the delivery time, it is usually done within 10 days.