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Eco-Friendly 500ml Nature Line Cup - Lunt

Eco-Friendly 500ml Nature Line Cup - Lunt

Introducing our new Nature Line Cup, a sustainable and environmentally friendly choice for your daily hydration


Per piece, base on 5000 pieces

Logo in 1 color

From 250 pieces

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What are the characteristics of an eco-friendly custom cup?

First of all, an ecological cup is reusable. It is an ecological alternative to disposable plastic cups that are not biodegradable. Offering reusable and customizable cups to your customers is an action that is part of a sustainable development approach. It improves the image of your company in the eyes of your target customers. An ecological cup is also recyclable. Recyclable and non-disposable cups are made from recycled materials or other materials like polypropylene. Thanks to your recyclable and personalized cups ordered from Zaprinta Belgium, you can communicate effectively about your brand and your products while integrating the ecological dimension, important for the general public these last two decades.

Why offer eco-friendly personalized cups to your customers


By offering your customers and partners a personalized reusable cup, whether on your premises or during a corporate event, you make significant savings on waste treatment. This allows you to position yourself as an eco-responsible actor, a competitive advantage by sending a positive and committed image. The public is now more inclined to trust companies committed to sustainable development. Moreover, with your personalized ecological cup, you participate actively and effectively in raising public awareness of nature conservation. A personalized ecological cup is also a real communication support. It is often used and well kept by users. This allows a prolonged exposure of your brand in order to benefit from a better visibility and to gain in notoriety.

What model of eco-friendly cup to choose


On our site, you have a wide choice of ecological cups for all needs and budgets. First of all, you have the choice between several materials. You can order on our site personalized cups made of recyclable plastic, wheat straw or choose cardboard models. The ecological personalized cup is also available in several formats. Depending on your needs, it can be made with or without a lid. You can also choose from a wide range of colors. You can order a personalized ecological cup in your company's colors: red, black, brown, etc. Several sizes are also available. You can choose a small 12 cl reusable cup, a 25 cl model, a 30 cl model, etc. Just let us know your requirements. If you can't choose, our team is there to help you and advise you in your choice.

In what context should you offer eco-friendly cups?

You can use a personalized ecological cup within your company. Practical and non-polluting, it is perfect, for example, to serve coffee and tea to customers who come to your premises or to your employees during a meeting or a seminar. But, a personalized cup with your company's image is also a powerful communication tool during a professional event like a trade show or a congress. Offered to the participants, they will keep a nice souvenir of the event and will remember your brand. You can also offer a personalized reusable cup to your customers as part of your loyalty strategy. They will be happy to receive this nice gift that conveys a committed and positive image of your company. Whatever the intended use, we can customize your cup and make it unique according to your requests and requirements.

How is the customization of your eco-friendly cups done?

Our range of reusable or recyclable cups can be customized according to your needs and objectives in terms of communication by object. It is possible to personalize them with your company name and logo to promote your brand. But, your ecological cups can also carry a personalized message (advertising or not according to your needs). You can, for example, use them to improve your brand image through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) communication. CSR is based on three pillars: a strong social policy, concrete actions towards an ecological transition and the sustainability of your company. All you have to do is send us the message to be printed on your ecological cup.

How to place your order for eco-friendly cups at Zaprinta Belgium

Our store offers you the possibility to choose from a wide variety of reusable or recyclable glasses to find the right ecological personalized cup. Our team will accompany you and guide you to facilitate your search. At your disposal by email at, our graphic designers create a specific design in the colors of your company or your event. In the same way, we are competent to adapt your logo to the characteristics of your object and the needs of your communication campaigns. You receive a digital preview within 4 hours. If it suits you, you just have to confirm it.

Can we order eco-friendly cups in small quantities from Zaprinta Belgium?

We take orders in small quantities, starting from only 10 pieces. After you approve the digital preview that our team sends you, production, personalization and delivery take place within 7 days.