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Pantalon de travail femme

Women's work pants

Opt for protection with our women's work pants available in several sizes.

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Jean de travail

Jean of work

Select your work jeans, these denim pants are durable and reinforced at the knees.

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Pantalon de chantier

Construction pants

For a better comfort, choose among our work pants with knee protection and multiple pockets.

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Veste de travail

Work jacket

Find our selection of work jackets for better protection and visibility: jackets, fleeces but also softshell.

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What work pants to choose

In order to make the right choice of work pants, you must focus on its characteristics. The work pants have indeed specificities for your job. Thus, choose a classic or shortleg work pants. Shortleg pants are suitable for small people, especially the location of the knee pads. These will always be well positioned. The shortleg work pants are also less wide. Next, you should consider the number and type of pockets offered. They must correspond to your needs. There are indeed pockets for hammer, tape measure, smartphone, pens, ... Choose a pair of pants adapted in terms of pockets. Of course, the strength of the pants must be tested. Work pants made of polyester and cotton offer excellent resistance. Finally, there is a model of high visibility pants especially. They are very brightly colored, usually fluorescent yellow or orange, and allow you to be spotted from a distance to ensure maximum safety.

How to go with your work pants

If you work in a manual profession, you need a set of work clothes. A complete work outfit will ensure your personal protection and comfort throughout the day. So, in addition to work pants, you will need to equip yourself with safety shoes. These shoes are reinforced and allow you to protect your foot in case of falling material on it. The work jacket is also a must, especially in winter, if you work outside or on wet and cold sites. There are also t-shirts, polo shirts and work sweaters. In case of particularly low temperatures, you can also equip yourself with work underwear. You can also equip yourself with work gloves. Discover our wide range of workwear.

The benefits of custom work pants

Workwear can be a great way to advertise your company! In fact, if you have personalized clothing with your company logo, you will be able to promote your company more easily. One tip is to add a phone number, email address or website address in addition to your logo. This way, your future clients will be able to contact you easily if they have seen you on a job site and want to work with you. In the world of construction, word of mouth and proximity advertising are fundamental to develop your business. Having custom work pants is a huge advantage.

Work pants for added credibility

Any self-respecting professional has clothes adapted to his professional activity. If you are a craftsman or work in a building trade such as bricklayer, carpenter, plasterer, painter, roofer, tiler, carpenter, ... you must wear appropriate work clothes. The work pants bring you comfort and protection but also allow you to be credible in the eyes of your customers and your colleagues. Professionalism is indeed reflected in the outfit worn. Professional clothing will have a positive impact on the quality of your work. Today, it is no longer possible to work professionally in the building trades wearing jeans and a t-shirt. This type of clothing will completely discredit you and make you look amateurish. Work pants are now a must for any self-respecting professional.

How will my work pants be-customized?

The personalization of your work pants will be realized thanks to flexes. The flex is an iron-on sheet in which we will cut a pattern. Thanks to a professional plotter, we will cut the pattern of your logo or the creation you want to print. Then, the pattern will be ironed on the garment. We use flexes specially designed for workwear. They are stretchable and can be machine washed at 90°. They have an extreme resistance allowing the greatest distortions without being damaged.

Can someone help me customize my workwear?

Yes, absolutely. This is an exclusive advantage offered by Zaprinta: we provide you with graphic designers specialized in workwear personalization. On the basis of your explanations or a logo, even of poor quality, they will be able to create a professional personalization for your pants or other work clothes. Your pants will be unique. You will be able to choose to print your company name, your logo or any other information you deem useful. We advise you to add a way to contact you in order to gain new customers easily. You can ask our graphic designers to add a cell phone number or the address of your website.

Is it possible to order and customize a pair of business pants individually?

Yes, absolutely. We understand that if you work alone or are a small company, you don't want to order dozens of professional pants. Zaprinta allows you to order and customize your pants individually. Please note, however, that it is financially more interesting to order several pairs of pants in order to reduce the incompressible costs related to the personalization of your pants. Please note that we offer free personalization of your work clothes with the purchase of ten pieces of the same model.

How to order work pants on Zaprinta

Ordering a pair of work pants in our online store Zaprinta is very simple. Just find the model that suits you. You can simply request a quote online if you do not want to order directly. You will receive it by email and then you can make the payment if you like. You can also place an order directly on our website. All you have to do is choose the model of pants, the quantity you want and the printing area. At the next step, you will have to send us the graphic file with your logo and provide your address. Finally, you will be able to make the payment online by credit card, paypal or bank transfer.