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Pantalon de travail homme

Work pants for men

Discover our entire range of work pants for men in black or other colors.

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Pantalon de chantier

Construction pants

For a better comfort, choose among our work pants with knee protection and multiple pockets.

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Pantalon de travail femme

Women's work pants

Opt for protection with our women's work pants available in several sizes.

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Jean de travail

Jean of work

Select your work jeans, these denim pants are durable and reinforced at the knees.

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The benefits of the Herock pants

The Herock work pants offer many advantages. First of all, they offer an excellent quality / price ratio. The Herock brand is known in the construction world for the quality of its workwear. Made with the best materials, they are also equipped with the latest technologies, including Coolmax allowing the garment to remain breathable while remaining waterproof. The Herock pants are also very resistant because they are made of the best fabrics, polyester and cotton, reinforced with Cordura fabric. It offers a real individual protection, including against bad weather. Water repellent, it prevents water drops from entering the fabric. Finally, it has many pockets for hammer, tape measure, smartphone, badge, nails, ... depending on the model which is very practical.

What to wear with the Herock pants


If your job is a building trade, it is recommended to complete your pants with other work clothes to have a complete work outfit. You can match your Herock work pants with work jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, caps,... A work coat is also often useful. For the coldest weather, there is also work underwear especially adapted to keep you warm all day long. Safety shoes are also highly recommended to protect your feet in case of falling material or simply to gain comfort throughout the day. Finally, work gloves will also complete your outfit. Be sure to match the colors!

Why dress in Herock work pants

The Herock pant is a workwear specially designed for workers in the construction trades. It adds a touch of professionalism and credibility to your customers. Indeed, you will definitely look more professional if you are dressed in Herock workwear than in conventional clothing, not always suitable for professional practice. Moreover, as mentioned before, the advantages of Herock pants are numerous. They are resistant, waterproof, comfortable and practical. Equipped with many pockets and reinforced, they allow indeed to practice the manual professions in the best conditions. Moreover, they are made of the most resistant fabrics, thus ensuring a longer life.

Do you offer customization of Herock pants in my company colors?

Yes, absolutely. We offer Herock pants personalization for orders of 10 or more workwear items in the same order. So, if you order 10 pairs of work pants or 5 jackets and 5 pairs of pants, we will personalize your workwear with your company logo or name. The personalization can also include the addition of a phone number or your website address. Thus, in addition to reinforcing your professionalism, your work clothes will be your best commercial and will make your publicity.

Can you help me customize my Herock pants?

Yes, absolutely. Zaprinta offers an exclusive service: we provide you with experienced graphic designers who will help you personalize your Herock pants for free. If you already have a company logo, they can modernize it or add a phone number or website address. If you don't have a logo, they will be able to propose you a unique graphic creation highlighting your company name. Our graphic designers will give you precious advice in order to emphasize your marking on the garment. They will advise you on the colors and the typography of the texts in particular. This is an exclusive service offered by Zaprinta.

Is it possible to order work pants in small quantities?

Yes, it is possible. You can order our Herock work pants individually. If you want it to be personalized, it is also possible. However, if you buy less than 10 pieces, you will be charged for the personalization of your workwear. We offer personalization for orders of 10 pieces or more.

How to order Herock work pants on Zaprinta

Have you decided to buy a pair of Herock pants? Congratulations, it's a great choice. All you have to do is order them from our online store. Just choose the model that suits you from our wide range of work pants. We offer different models of work pants and jeans. Once you have made your choice, simply go to the corresponding product page and indicate the desired quantity, color and size. On the next page, you will have to fill in your billing address and your delivery address. Finally, you will have to make your payment. If you would like to have the workwear ordered customized, simply send us an email to with your customization request or logo. We will always send you a digital preview of the customized pants and wait for your approval before going into production.

What is the delivery time for Herock work pants?

The delivery time varies if the pants need to be customized or not. If the pants are not to be customized, you will receive them within a few days. Usually it takes 3 to 5 days. If the pants are to be customized, it will take a few more days to set up the customization file, the machine and customize the item. Usually, the delivery time for customized pants is 10 days.