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Pantalon de chantier

Construction pants

For a better comfort, choose among our work pants with knee protection and multiple pockets.

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Pantalon Herock

Herock Pants

Don't choose between protection and style with our selection of Herock work pants with pockets.

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Pantalon de travail femme

Women's work pants

Opt for protection with our women's work pants available in several sizes.

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Jean de travail

Jean of work

Select your work jeans, these denim pants are durable and reinforced at the knees.

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The benefits of men's work pants

If you are a craftsman or a professional of the construction industry, you are brought to work on various building sites being able to be exposed to the bad weather, the moisture and the cold. The men's work pants offer you maximum protection in these conditions. Water-repellent, the water flows in the form of droplets on the fabric. It remains breathable while being waterproof. The work pants also provide excellent personal protection, thanks to the quality of the fabric and the knee pads. Particularly resistant, it has many reinforcements that will allow you to perform all the necessary movements without risk of tearing. It is also equipped with many pockets to store your tools, your nails, your smartphone, your ruler,... You will definitely gain in productivity with a pair of work pants for men adapted. Protecting from the cold and breathable at the same time, it allows you to practice your job in the best conditions. It is an essential workwear for any self-respecting professional.

How to go with your men's work pants

Men's work pants are not the only work clothing needed. Indeed, you can accompany him with comfortable safety shoes, work jackets, professional t-shirts and other work sweatshirts. Discover our complete ranges on Zaprinta. Compose your perfect work outfit by combining these different professional clothes. A professional workwear also improves your credibility with your customers and future customers. Even better, if your workwear is customized with your company logo, you will further enhance your customers' trust.

What materials are the men's work pants made of?

Men's work pants are made of materials that are both flexible and resistant. They are usually made of a majority of polyester with a smaller percentage of cotton. The reinforcement fabric is usually made of 100% polyamide Cordura®. The fabrics are water repellent. They allow water to run off the fabric in the form of droplets underneath. The main advantage of the water-repellent fabric is that it is waterproof while remaining breathable. Thus, the perspiration will be able to evacuate even when you will carry out the most physical activities. There are also models of work jeans. The material is denim.

What are the colors of men's work pants?

The colors of work pants are mostly quite sober. Thus, you will find work pants in black, navy blue and gray. Some models are more colorful and you will find models with colored finishes. There are also high visibility work pants. In this case, the colors are fluorescent orange or fluorescent yellow.

Do you offer customization of men's work pants?

Yes, this is an exclusive Zaprinta offer. We offer the personalization of your work pants from 10 pieces ordered. Your pants will be personalized with your company colors. You will be able to add your company logo, name, phone number or website address. Thus, these pants will allow you to advertise while working. Any other garment can also be customized on request by us.

Is it possible to order work pants in small quantities?

Yes, of course. You can order our workwear by the unit. We can also customize your workwear as mentioned above. For example, your pants can be personalized with your company logo or any other information you wish. As we offer the personalization of your clothing from 10 pieces ordered, we advise you to order this minimum number of items to benefit from our offer. Please note that if you order 8 pieces of the same model, an extra charge will be applied if you wish to personalize them.

How to order men's work pants on Zaprinta

Would you like to order men's work pants from our online store? It is very easy. You can simply send us an email with your order to or place an order on the website. In this case, first choose the model that suits you from our large selection of work pants. Then go to the product page corresponding to the selected model. You will then be able to define the color, size and quantity desired. Your company logo should then be uploaded so that we can customize it (or ask our graphic designers to create it for you!). All you have to do is enter your billing and shipping address and make the payment. That's it! You will receive your order in the next few days.

We create your customization for free

We are fully aware that you probably do not master the graphic creation software allowing to create a design adapted to the personalization of your work pants. That's why Zaprinta offers you an exclusive and free service: the availability of experienced graphic designers to create your customization. They can create or improve your logo. They will also be able to add some contact information such as your phone number, your email address or the address of your website. The two advantages of Zaprinta are: the free customization of your work pants with the purchase of only 10 pieces and the graphic creation of your customization by our experienced graphic designers.