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Tablier de cuisine personnalisé

Customized kitchen apron

Choose from our collection of personalized kitchen aprons, the gift of choice for adults and children.

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Tablier personnalisé homme

Customized apron for men

Find our range of personalized aprons for men with the possibility of printed or embroidered logo.

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Tablier serveur personnalisé

Customized server apron

Select the advertising server apron with or without pocket available in a wide choice of colors.

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Why choose a custom bakery salesgirl apron

The saleswomen who work in a bakery or a pastry shop, are concerned about wearing work clothes adapted to their job. The baker and his wife do not hesitate to invest in a personalized kitchen apron to ensure the protection of their clothes. While serving in the store or making bread and baguettes, no one is safe from the assaults of flour! Putting on a chasuble or apron with a bib is very practical, especially if it is sleeveless.

A must-have protection, the custom bakery saleswoman apron

A year-end gift is always appreciated by employees but you must admit that they will not appreciate receiving a kitchen apron or a chasuble, even if it can be personalized. Indeed, aprons are their work clothes so if you really want to do them a favor, you will accentuate the details of the aprons with a nice personalization. You will privilege quality without putting a strain on your budget. The saleswoman will happily wear personalized clothing with the logo or the name of the bakery. She will unequivocally show her support for your establishment with her personalized apron with bib.

How to choose your custom bakery saleswoman apron

It will be easy for you to choose a chasuble or an apron. Indeed, these work clothes are in one size with one or two large pockets. The aprons are easy to put on and practical to use because they are attached with ties on the sides or snaps. They are adapted to all body types and are available in multiple colors to match the style of the bakery. In addition to opting for a quality chasuble at a low price, you can personalize it with an original or more serious logo, either embroidered or silk-screened, so that your customers don't forget it.

Why create a custom bakery saleswoman apron


Bakeries or pastry shops are businesses that we like to be around because the good smells tickle our nostrils. We don't see the baker baking his breads and baguettes in the bakery while wearing his apron with bib. On the other hand, the owner and the saleswomen are in front of the customers. The unity of the team will be displayed to everyone by wearing a uniform apron, of the same color for all and with the same personalized message written on the front. Made of cotton or cotton/polyester, the aprons are resistant, functional and easy to care for, so they can be worn for many years.

How to create the perfect custom bakery salesgirl apron

Throughout the year, you will find at Zaprinta various models of personalized aprons for bakery saleswomen or kitchen aprons at interesting prices. Aprons with or without bibs are available in one size to fit both men and women. You can choose from a variety of colors to match your custom aprons to your bakery or pastry shop environment. If you are in need of inspiration for the personalization of your apron, our team of graphic designers is at your disposal by email at in order to advise you on the size of the logo, the elaboration of the text or an original design.

Why choose Zaprinta to create a custom bakery saleswoman apron


We have experience in creating customizable aprons for any bakery or pastry shop. Bread, baguette and cake making is your specialty. Ours is to make you a personalized chasuble or apron with silk-screening, pad printing, transfer printing or beautiful embroidery. We are at your service to accompany you in your project throughout the process, whatever the details that inspire you. We are committed to customer satisfaction by providing quality, durable aprons at attractive prices.

A useful and durable garment: the custom bakery saleswoman apron

Our range of aprons are made from a cotton/polyester blend, which requires virtually no ironing after washing. Our garments provide real protection for staff who handle floury products all day long. Your logo will be displayed visibly and in detail on the kitchen apron or chasuble to show your professionalism. Since the aprons are available in one size, it is economical to buy them if you change employees, as you do not need to renew your outfits. Washable at high temperature, hygiene is maintained.

How to place an order for a custom bakery salesgirl apron


Zaprinta offers many models of aprons with bibs or chasubles for all trades. Available in basic colors or more fun to put joy in your store, they are customizable. Once you have chosen a model, you can register your logo or contact us to receive a project. A digital preview is sent to you within 4 hours. Once the design is approved and the order is validated by both parties, it is quickly completed. You will receive it within 7 days. Ready to submit your project?