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Veste de travail homme

Work jacket for men

Discover our work jackets for men, available in several sizes and colors.

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Veste Herock

Herock jacket

Leading brand for workwear, discover our range of Herock jackets.

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Blouson de travail

Work jacket

Select from our work jackets for men and women.

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Veste softshell de travail

Work softshell jacket

Find our selection of softshell jackets for protection from the elements at work for men and women.

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Parka de travail

Work parka

This winter, protect yourself from the rain with our waterproof jackets and work parkas.

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What are the differences between fleece and the classic work jacket?

If you're not sure whether to buy a work fleece or a classic work jacket, here are a few things to help you make your choice. The work jacket is designed to be worn even in bad weather. Thus, it will protect you from rain and wind. Some models are completely waterproof and others are water repellent. They can also be windproof or not. The fleece jacket is never 100% waterproof but it can be water repellent. However, it will never have the efficiency of a rain jacket. On the other hand, the fleece is warm, pleasant and often more comfortable to wear than a rain jacket. In conclusion, the fleece is a good complement to the 100% waterproof and windproof work jacket.

What material is the fleece jacket made of?

Our fleece models are made of acti-fleece polyester. Polyester is the reference fabric in the world of workwear. Indeed, it has many advantages. Polyester is indeed very resistant and is thus adapted to the manufacture of clothing intended for a professional use. It is also breathable and allows the evacuation of perspiration or moisture by drying very quickly. Polyester is also widely used in the creation of sportswear. Finally, polyester does not wrinkle. There is no need to iron it after wearing the jacket. The polyester used in the manufacture of fleece jackets is a very comfortable acti-fleece polyester.

Are there other types of work jackets besides fleece?

Yes, absolutely. We offer a wide range of work jackets and professional clothing in general. There are rain jackets, high visibility jackets, parkas and classic work jackets. The classic work jacket is shorter than the parka and offers the same type of advantages: it is waterproof, often windproof and sometimes breathable. The rain jacket is a jacket specially designed to offer 100' waterproofness. Thus, it will protect you from the rain throughout the day. The high visibility jacket is a yellow or orange fluorescent jacket with reflective stripes. It ensures your safety if you work in a high-risk area where there is a lot of traffic. Finally, the softshell jacket is both waterproof or water-repellent and fitted, for a perfect look.

Is it possible to customize my fleece jacket?

Yes, it is possible. Our company Zaprinta is specialized in clothing personalization. We can personalize your fleece by printing your logo or company name. We offer free personalization for 10 or more work clothes purchased in the same order. Personalization can be done on the front of the fleece, on the heart or on the back. If you prefer, personalization can also be done on the sleeves. In addition to your company name or logo, we recommend that you add a phone number or website address. This way, your future customers will be able to contact you easily.

Why customize your work fleece

Personalizing workwear and work fleece in particular provides two main benefits. First, you will gain credibility with your current and future customers. Customers place a lot of importance on presentation. Wearing a personalized work jacket will reinforce your professionalism to them and they will be more inclined to trust you to sign a contract with you. Moreover, the personalized clothing will be your best commercial. It will advertise for you. By wearing your personalized work clothes on your work sites, you will get new customers who will have discovered your company name or your logo.

Can you help me customize my professional fleeces?

Yes, absolutely. Take advantage of our exclusive service of providing a team of graphic designers to help you design the customization of your work fleece. If you have already created your company logo, they can improve its quality or vectorize it to make it printable. They can also add any information you want, such as a cell phone number. If you don't have a logo, our graphic designers can create an original graphic design for you. Thus, they will create the complete design to be printed on the work jackets based on your indications. They can also advise you on the choice of colors and typography.

Is it possible to order a work fleece by the unit?

Yes, it is possible. You can order a single work fleece from our online store. We can also customize it as you wish. Please note, however, that we offer customization of your workwear for orders of 10 pieces or more. If you order only one fleece, you will be charged for the personalization.

What are the printing techniques used?

There are different printing techniques to personalize workwear. Screen printing is a printing technique that uses stencils between the ink and the substrate. This printing technique is very resistant and offers an excellent quality. It is on the other hand reserved for the greatest quantities because it requires rather important expenses of installation. The flexography, as for it, resorts to a thermo-bonded vinyl, which can be printed or not, thanks to a transfer press. This technique is more adapted for small quantities.