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5. Printing techniques
Screen printing is a printing technique that has been used for many years to print advertising objects and for many other graphic applications. We use screen printing mainly for printing textile products and clothing. For screen printing we always use a frame on which a very thin screen is stretched with a light-sensitive layer. We place your logo on this frame during the exposure. This creates dark areas that can then be rinsed off. After rinsing, this part of the stencil allows the ink to pass through during the printing process. During the printing process, the ink is pressed through the stencil with a squeegee and adheres to the garment or product to be personalised. The result is a very clear print of your logo or company name. This technique is adapted according to the number of colours of your logo. For example, if your logo consists of three colours, three stencils must be prepared to print your complete logo on the chosen product. Each colour is therefore applied in a separate layer.