1. Placing an order

Placing an order online is easy and straightforward.

1. Choose the advertising object of your choice
2. Follow the steps to configure the item (colour, printing area, printing colours, quantity,...)
3. Place the item in your basket
4. Upload your print files directly (or do it later)
5. Fill in your contact details
6. Choose the desired payment method
7. Place your order

Yes, of course! Anyone can place an order with Zaprinta, companies as well as private individuals. Please note that the prices shown in our online shop are exclusive of VAT.
Yes, in the "Choose your quantity" section of the configurator, simply select the "Or choose your own quantity" box, indicate the desired quantity and press "Enter" on your keyboard.
You can order items per unit. However, as some personalisation costs cannot be reduced, the more items you order, the lower the price per item will be.
Choose the desired printing options on the product page as well as the quantity and your price will be calculated automatically. The price shown is all inclusive, with no hidden costs. It includes items, printing and delivery (excluding VAT).
All prices shown are exclusive of VAT, unless otherwise stated.
No, we offer you the costs of packing or shipping in the EU. So you won't have any unpleasant surprises.
The prices shown on the category pages include a single colour print. If you choose a different configuration on the product page, the price will be recalculated according to the options selected.
You can easily upload your print files during the ordering process (specific field for uploading your files). This saves time for the production of your order. If your logo is not available at the time of your order, you can also email it to us later at commercial@zaprinta.com.
If you have received a gift code, you can fill in the reserved field in your shopping basket. This way, the discount will be applied directly when you place your order.
Choose the type of payment that suits you best. In our online shop, you can pay by credit card (Visa, Mastercard,...), by PayPal and by bank transfer.
You will receive, by email, a proof sheet of the product personalised with your logo or design within 4 hours of your request. This digital preview will be created with the requested print colours. You will be able to view the print and request any changes if it does not suit you. You can also request an unprinted sample of the product to check its quality. This sample will be invoiced at cost price.
If you request it, you will receive a proof sheet within 4 hours of your request (working days). Don't forget to upload your logo when you request it! You will also always receive a proof sheet after every order and before it goes into production.
Once you have placed and paid for your order, it is considered final. Of course, we will only start production after approval of the print order (proof sheet).
After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email. If you have already approved the proof sheet, your order will be placed in production. If you placed your order directly (without proof sheet), we will send you your proof sheet within a few hours of your order.
We can modify or cancel your order as long as the proof sheet has not been validated yet. Once the proof sheet has been validated and production has started, the order can no longer be modified or cancelled. Therefore, make sure you check everything carefully before approving the proof sheet (print order).
To check the current status of your order, log on to your customer's account. You can easily find the status and progress of your order. Also keep an eye on your inbox. We will send you an email for each important update.
You can easily place a new order by logging into your customer's account. This way, you won't have to fill in your details again and you will save time. You will also be able to place a repeat order more easily.

Asking for a quote is quick and easy.

1. Choose the advertising object of your choice
2. Follow the steps to configure the item (colour, printing area, printing colours, quantity,...)
3. Click on the "Request a free quote" button
4. Fill in your details and upload your logo
5. Click on the send request button

Would you like to request several quotes for different products? No problem, we save the configured item in the requests list (list icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen). Then add the additional products for which you would like to receive an offer. Finally, send us all your requests simultaneously.
2. Payment
At Zaprinta, we have several payment methods available.  You can choose from the following.

Credit card
Pay quickly and securely with your credit card, Mastercard and Visa.  Your payment will be processed immediately and your order will be transmitted directly to our ordering system.

Pay quickly and securely from your PayPal account.  Your payment will be processed immediately and your order will be transmitted directly to our ordering system.

Bank transfer
Pay by bank transfer via our IBAN and SWIFT payment details.  The usual payment receipt time is 2 to 4 days, which extends the production time.
IBAN: BE05 0018 0477 0175 

For printed and unprinted orders, we ask for payment in advance. You will receive the invoice directly after ordering by e-mail. Immediately after receiving your payment, we will start production. For certain French public organisations wishing to pay by administrative mandate, we can send the order on the basis of an official order form. Please contact us for more information.

Please find Zaprinta's bank details below:
IBAN: BE05 0018 0477 0175 

We will send you your invoice after we have received your payment. In most cases, this means that you will receive an invoice after you have placed and paid your order.
Yes, the VAT amounts are always specifically mentioned on your invoice. We always mention the total price excluding VAT, the total amount including VAT and the specific VAT amount. This will provide you with all the information you need for accounting purposes.
You can easily change your billing address in the "my account" area. Log in and change your data. This change can be made during your order, afterwards or at any time. You can also contact us by email or phone to request this change.
All our payments are made via a secure SSL connection between Zaprinta and our payment partner Mollie. All payment data is encrypted. This guarantees your privacy and the security of payments.
3. Printing
For each product, you will find the maximum print size in the configurator (on the page of the product in question). The size is displayed in millimetres (e.g. 25mm x 40mm).

When composing the print, we ask you for the number of colours of your logo. This allows us to calculate the correct price for your order. Each colour that is to be printed is one print colour. It is sometimes difficult to determine the number of printing colours. For example, it is often difficult to judge whether or not the colour white should be counted as a print colour. Another difficulty lies in the colour gradation? To help you, here are some examples of logos of famous brands.

After you have placed your order, we will send you a proof sheet. You will receive it by email within 4 hours of your order. This proof sheet will allow you to judge the look of your product personalised with your logo. If you accept it, we will print the product exactly as indicated on the proof sheet. Do you want to amend something? Let us know and we will be happy to adapt the proof sheet.
It is often interesting to reduce the number of colours of a logo to reduce the final price of an order. When you choose the number of colours for your logo, you can of course select an option with fewer colours than your original logo. At the request of our customers, we often convert their logos into one colour. Contact us by phone, email or chat if you would like us to change the number of colours in your logo.
The PMS (Pantone Matching System) is a system for indicating all existing colours by means of a numerical code. Based on these numbers, everyone prints exactly the same colours, with or without coating. A PMS value is therefore always and everywhere the same. With many printing techniques, we use this system to print the right printing colours on promotional objects.
No, we use PMS colours for most printing techniques, except for "full colour" digital printing. For the latter technique, we work with CMYK colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) for digital printing. Based on these four basic colours, all other possible colour combinations are obtained by mixing.
RGB colours correspond to the colours displayed on a screen. This colour coding system consists of three primary colours: red, green and blue. By mixing these colours, any combination of colours can be achieved. This system is widely used digitally and on the web, but not in the printing industry. Instead, we use PMS and CMYK colour codes.
No. A four-colour print is actually four separate print colours. Full colour digital printing, on the other hand, is not limited in the number of printing colours. Think for example of a colour gradient or a photo. When full colour digital printing is possible, this printing option appears in the selector on the product page.
No problem. In this case, instead of uploading a logo, just enter the text and font you want.
We have machines and printing techniques that offer a very high level of quality. The printing is fine and very detailed. All print files are optimised to obtain the best possible result. Of course, the result varies depending on the surface of the product. A uniform surface always gives a finer result than a rough surface. We take this into account, of course. Do you have any doubts about printing the details of your logo, slogan or design on a specific product? Contact us for personal advice.
It can happen that the printing colours may vary slightly. Unfortunately, this cannot be 100% avoided. The ink always remains the same colour. However, due to differences in surfaces and material, the colour (on the product) may differ slightly. For example, a yellow logo will look different if it is printed on a blue bag or on a transparent bag. This is why we check all orders and determine whether it is necessary, for example, to print a white undercoat before printing your logo in order to keep as much of the same colour as possible.
4. File upload
You can send your logo during the order process (shopping cart). You can choose to upload it directly or upload it later if you don't have the file(s) at time of ordering. The production process will be speeded up if we receive the files quickly.
For an optimal printing result, we advise you to send your logo or design in ai, pdf, or eps format. You don't have these file formats? No problem! Our graphic designers will convert your logo into the correct format on the basis of a gif, jpeg or png file.
If you only want to print text, convert your file to letter outlines. Otherwise the font may be slightly different. To avoid this inconvenience, we also ask you to send us the font file (tff file). Do you have a problem? No worries at all! Just let us know the desired font and printing colours (PMS) and we will adapt the file for you.
A vector file is optimised for printing. This file in eps, ai or pdf format can be enlarged and reduced indefinitely without loss of quality. This graphic file is built with lines (vectors) instead of pixels. The advantage of the vector file is that it can be scaled indefinitely and still provide a result of extreme precision. This format is ideal for printing products.
A file composed of pixels is in jpeg, png, bmp or gif format. When you enlarge these files, the pixels become clearly visible or even grainy. This is not very practical for printed material. Fortunately, our graphic designers are able to convert these files to vector format to guarantee a perfect result when printing.

Don't worry!  In this case, send us your pixelated file (e.g. jpg or png format) in the highest possible resolution and we will convert your logo to vector format free of charge.  This way, you can always be sure of the best possible print quality.

Would you like to receive your file in vector format for use in another project?  This is possible.  We can send it to you for 35 € excl. VAT.  This will save you money on the services of an advertising agency or a graphic designer.

To be 100% sure of the colours of your print, we use Pantone colours (PMS). This Pantone system guarantees that the same colours are used in all print shops worldwide. If you have the pantone codes, please indicate them in the "comments" field when ordering. We will then ensure that the correct colours are printed.
We always let you confirm the digital proof before we start production of your order.  We think it is important that you carry out the final check before printing.  How do I do this?  It's simple.  Check your proof based on the following:
Colours - do the colours displayed match the desired colours?
Size - does the size of the print correspond to your wishes?  We often choose the maximum size as the standard size.
Text - if you wish to print a text, please pay attention to spelling mistakes and readability. 

Yes, of course you can. You know better than anyone else what you would like to see printed. In that case, our graphic designers will rework your drawing or sketch and we will send you the digital print proof for verification.
5. Printing techniques
Zaprinta offers several printing techniques. For each order, our experienced team will study the best possible way to print it with your logo or text. This is because one printing technique may be suitable for some products and not for others. In total, we can offer you the following printing techniques: screen printing, pad printing, laser engraving, sublimation, doming, digital printing, embossing, transfer printing and embroidery. Below you will find more information on each technique.
Screen printing is a printing technique that has been used for many years to print advertising objects and for many other graphic applications. We use screen printing mainly for printing textile products and clothing. For screen printing we always use a frame on which a very thin screen is stretched with a light-sensitive layer. We place your logo on this frame during the exposure. This creates dark areas that can then be rinsed off. After rinsing, this part of the stencil allows the ink to pass through during the printing process. During the printing process, the ink is pressed through the stencil with a squeegee and adheres to the garment or product to be personalised. The result is a very clear print of your logo or company name. This technique is adapted according to the number of colours of your logo. For example, if your logo consists of three colours, three stencils must be prepared to print your complete logo on the chosen product. Each colour is therefore applied in a separate layer.
Pad printing consists of applying ink to the chosen product by means of a silicone pad. We also call this technique indirect printing. The beauty of this printing technique lies in the fact that the pads are flexible and adapt to the surface to be printed. Thus, uneven, hollow and curved surfaces can also be printed easily. We prepare the machines with a cliché and here, too, we print in colour. A three-colour logo therefore means three clichés, each filled with one colour of ink. In three layers, your logo is completely printed on the product. And thanks to the ink repellent property of the stamps, the ink will only adhere to the product you choose. This technique guarantees quality printing.
Laser engraving is increasingly used for printing promotional items and business gifts. This printing technique is very precise and allows logos and texts to be printed with great precision on the item of your choice. This technique also makes it possible to add an individual name to the products (one specific name per product). In addition, engraving gives your logo a luxurious look and a scratch-resistant final result. Ideal for surprising your best customers. Keep in mind that laser engraving allows printing in one colour at most. Printing in several colours is unfortunately not possible with this technique. The colour of your logo will be determined by the material to be printed and the underlay of the product. With the laser, the top layer of the product, in the shape of your logo, is removed so that the underlayer becomes visible. With wood, the effect produced is different from that of plastic or aluminium.
Sublimation is a printing technique consisting of two steps. First, your logo or design is digitally printed with a special "sublimation" ink. This print is then integrated into the product material itself using a heat press. This printing technique is only possible on specific sublimation-compatible materials. The heated surface will impregnate the ink as it cools, resulting in a very durable print. Your logo will be integrated into the material after this process, guaranteeing a very long life. So, for example, a cup printed by sublimation is dishwasher-safe.
Doming is a printing technique consisting of two steps. First we print a "doming" sticker, i.e. a dome-shaped vinyl sticker with a colour print. Then a layer of synthetic resin is applied on top. The end result is a spherical sticker that is scratch-resistant and gives your logo a luxurious look. The advantage of doming is that this printing technique is very flexible. All shapes and sizes can be produced. Moreover, thanks to this process, your logo is resistant to water, fading and UV rays. The result is therefore very durable.
Digital printing allows you to print your logo or company name in full colour directly on the chosen item. Even a colour gradient or a photo is no problem with this technique. Digital printing is a technique of the future and is extremely popular for printing business gifts and promotional items. With this technique, the colours are converted into a digital CMYK file. The digital control allows for fast printing in small quantities. Furthermore, with digital printing there is no limit to the number of colours allowed, this is the main advantage.
Embossing is a printing technique that does not use ink. Embossing gives your logo a luxurious look. This technique makes it possible to apply relief on the surface of the chosen product, which gives it a very chic result, ideal for surprising your best customers or for presenting yourself professionally. Embossing is often applied when printing notebooks or cases.
Transfer is a printing technique that allows us to produce very detailed prints in several colours. This technique consists of two steps. First, we print your logo, company name or any other design in mirror image on a special transfer paper. In the second step, this paper is placed on the selected item and pressed at high temperature using a hot press. The heat allows the ink to detach from the paper and attach itself to the promotional product. The result is an extremely sharp logo. With transfer printing, we create a durable print with endless possibilities to promote your brand.
Embroidery is a printing technique that most of us are familiar with. Using a needle and thread, your logo or company name is sewn onto an item. We opt for polyester threads so that the final result does not shrink and the colour remains unalterable. Textile products and clothing are very suitable for this printing technique. For example, embroidery is often used to place a logo on a polo shirt, towel, bag or cap. Embroidery is not only durable but also offers a luxurious feel. It is ideal for corporate clothing with which your employees promote your activities.
6. Proof sheet / Print order

A proof sheet is a digital preview of the chosen product with your logo or company name. The size, the colours, the position of your logo on the chosen item and the prices are shown in the proof sheet. This way we show you how the print will appear on the product. After your approval, we will use the proof sheet as a guideline for the printing process that follows. Our proof sheet therefore also serves as print order.

Would you like to know how your logo will appear on a mug, a battery backup, a USB stick or any other product? Simply and quickly request a free proof sheet online.

You will usually receive it within 4 hours of your request, free of charge. And don't worry, only after your approval will we put your order into production.
You will receive your proof sheet by email usually within 4 hours. We will use the email address you provided when you placed your order or made your request. You can easily share the link with your colleagues if you wish.
Before we start printing, we always ask you to approve theproof sheet (= print order). We think it is important that you make the final check before we start production. How to do this? It's simple. Always check the following items on your proof:

Colours - do the colours shown correspond to the desired colours?
Dimensions - does the size of the print correspond to your wishes? We often choose the maximum size of your print as standard.
Text - if you choose a text, please pay attention to spelling mistakes and to readability.
7. Shipment and delivery
On average, we deliver an order within 10 working days, depending on printing technique and product availability. Express deliveries are possible for part of the range. Do you have any questions about this? Please do not hesitate to contact us.
Yes, delivery is free to an address in any country of the European Union.
We deliver within Europe. Delivery costs are free of charge for any delivery to a European Union country (excluding overseas territories) (one delivery address). Would you like an order to be delivered to another country or to different sites? Please contact us for more information.
We can arrange express delivery for most of our products. In this case, however, please take into account the additional costs associated with this urgent delivery. Please contact us for more information.
No, unfortunately this is not possible. We only deliver to a home or business address.
No, unfortunately it is not possible. Our production workshop is not located at the same address as our office.
Our couriers deliver every business day between 8am and 6pm during office hours. Unfortunately, it is not possible to choose a specific time slot for delivery. Delivery in the evening, on weekends or public holidays is unfortunately not possible.
Normally, our parcels are not delivered on Saturdays. We usually deliver from Monday to Friday between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm.
Yes, in most cases we can send you a tracking number for your package. If you have not received this tracking number, please let us know. We will be happy to inform you about the status of your order.
Our usual delivery time is 10 working days. Usually, we send you a tracking number for your package once the latter has left our production facility.
Yes, please make sure that someone is present at the delivery address you have chosen to sign for the receipt. Unfortunately, delivery to a depot or post office box is not possible. Please also check the status of your order on receipt before accepting it.
We make every effort to deliver our orders as quickly as possible. In our exchanges, we communicate an estimated delivery date. It is therefore possible that your order will be delivered earlier. For this reason, we advise you to keep a permanent eye on your order thanks to the tracking number provided.
Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that an order is delayed during the production process. We apologise for this. In this case, we will get in touch to inform you.
Of course, we try to avoid this situation. Unfortunately, it can happen that the delivery of your products may be delayed. In that case, please contact us so that we can solve the problem with our courier.
Your order has not been delivered as agreed? That's annoying! In that case, first check your tracking number to see if the delivery man is still on the way or if you missed him. If a delivery attempt has already been made, you will find a message in your mailbox with a new delivery date. No solution? Check the delivery address you gave us. Still no solution? Please contact our customer service to resolve the problem with the courier.
We work, among others, with the following professional transporters: TNT, UPS, DHL and DPD. The choice of the carrier who delivers your products depends on the product chosen, the delivery time and the desired quantities.
If no one is present at the delivery, the courier will usually make a second attempt to deliver the package. After two attempts, the parcel can be picked up at a nearby depot. To avoid an unsuccessful delivery attempt, always make sure that someone is present at the chosen delivery address between 8am and 6pm.
8. Returns
All our products are custom-made on the basis of the validated proof sheet (print order). Unfortunately, due to this personalisation, they cannot be returned. We therefore advise you to always carefully check your proof sheet before giving your approval. After your approval, we will start the printing process and your items will be printed with your logo or company name according to your request.
Unprinted products can be returned within 14 days of reception. We call this phase "trial period". Please contact us within this period to return your items. Within 30 days, the amount of your purchase will then be refunded. Please take into account that the return costs are at your own expense in this case.
If the items received are not the ones you ordered, please contact us directly. We will do our best to find a solution as quickly as possible in order to deliver the right products.
The digital proof sheet serves as a basis for work. We do not print until we have received your approval. If the print is different from the agreed one, we will take back the products and deliver the correct items.
9. Samples
No, unfortunately we are not able to offer printed samples. This is because the costs of producing a single printed product are prohibitive. However, we can provide you with a non-printed sample at cost price upon request.
Yes, for the majority of our products, it is indeed possible to receive an unprinted sample. This sample, as well as the shipping costs, will then be invoiced at cost price.
10. Complaints
Every day, we do our utmost to satisfy you. Our goal is to provide quality business gifts and promotional items. If you have a problem, we will be happy to resolve it for you. Because if you are not satisfied, then we are not satisfied either. In this case, please send your complaint to sav@zaprinta.com or contact us directly. We are always looking for a suitable solution!
We will make every effort to deal with your complaint within 3 working days. That is why it is important to provide us with as much information as possible and to include photos of the products delivered. The sooner we can assess the situation, the sooner we can respond to you.
Promotional products with your logo, slogan or other designs are customised products. Therefore, the right of withdrawal, as provided by law, does not apply. If you have a complaint about the quality of our products, you can of course contact us.
Here you will find the general terms and conditions that apply to all our customers (companies and private individuals):