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4-in-1 Multicolor Ball Pen - Alkborough

4-in-1 Multicolor Ball Pen - Alkborough

Introducing our versatile and stylish 4-in-1 pen! This pen is perfect for anyone who needs a


Per piece, base on 500 pieces

Logo in 1 color

From 250 pieces

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Stylo publicitaire

Advertising pen

Order promotional pens personalized with your company logo. Ideal as business gifts.

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Stylo cadeau d'entreprise

Corporate gift pen

Make a lasting impression by offering your customers personalized pens with your colors as corporate gifts.

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Stylo publicitaire écologique

Ecological advertising pen

Think about nature by choosing an ecological advertising pen made of wheat straw or recycled cardboard.

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Stylo personnalisé mariage

Personalized wedding pen

Offer your guests an unforgettable souvenir gift of your wedding: a personalized pen with your names!

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Stylo de luxe personnalisé

Customized luxury pen

Design a luxury pen personalized with your company's image, ideal as a business gift!

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Stylo personnalisé gravé

Personalized engraved pen

Looking for a personalized engraved pen? Check out our assortment of metal pens with engraving capabilities.

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Stylo Parker personnalisé

Customized Parker pen

Give personalized Parker pens to your best customers. Discover the Parker Jotter and Urban models.

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Stylo en bois personnalisé

Personalized wood pen

Create your own personalized wood and bamboo pen. A nice and ecological promotional gift!

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Stylo Rotring personnalisé

Rotring pen

Create your own personalized Rotring pens with your own logo or design.

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A custom 4-color Bic pen for every need

The ballpoint pen is certainly the most useful of everyday objects. It is just as important to have a Bic on hand to write your shopping list, a red pen to correct copies, as it is to have your ballpoint pen in your jacket pocket to sign a contract at work.

But since pens are so discreet, they are often lost, confused with colleagues' pens or even misplaced. To avoid finding yourself without a Bic at a key moment of your day, you might as well opt for a personalized ballpoint pen, which would bear your initials or your name, and would in fact be totally unique.

A custom 4-color Bic pen to get people talking

Among advertising goodies, the personalized pen is undoubtedly the one that provides the best visibility. After all, who doesn't carry a pen in their pocket or handbag? Soon, it will be your personalized pen that will accompany your customers on a daily basis. As soon as they need it, your promotional 4 color Bic pen will help them out, and the branding you will have applied to it will remind them to whom they owe this help. A promotional item with a discreet but effective logo to remind them regularly of their good memories!

Why not choose the 4 color pen as a corporate gift


Your colleagues may well be envious of your customers' 4 color Bic, seeing you handing them out as advertising goodies. Why not also use this Bic, specially personalized with your company's image, to please your work partners?

Get green with a your personalized pen


Multiple pens mean a lot of plastic waste and threats to the environment. Opting for the 4 colors pen is a first gesture for the planet, avoiding to multiply the pens to have one of each color by preferring the 4-in-1. The goodies proposed by Zaprinta are designed with quality materials whether it is the body or the ink used, so that they last in the long term, avoiding having to throw them away after a few uses.

Customize your 4-color pen to your liking

When you say personalized object, you mean the possibility of designing your 4 color pen from 1 to Z, or almost. Whether you prefer a red, yellow or grey body, whether you need a necklace to wear it around your neck, whether you only want a single ink pen (blue, red, green, black) or whether you are hesitating about the size of your small quantity personalized pen, all choices are possible. Zaprinta has a dozen colors for the body of its pens and several models to match the idea you have of your promotional Bic pen.

Pens in numbers...or not!

For your advertising 4 color Bic, Zaprinta offers sliding scale prices, with orders adjustable according to your needs. Whether you are the head of a large company, with the need to acquire thousands of pens, or a small company or even simply within the family circle, adapt your order to your needs. Zaprinta proposes that your promotional item be produced from only 10 copies, if you do not need more. If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to ask for a quote for your future purchase.

Get help choosing your custom 4-color Bic pen

Zaprinta makes it a point of honor to respond to all requests, accompanying you in the making of your project, in its validation but also in proposing a personalized estimate. For your personalization, a team of graphic designer follows you in the creation of your logo, even can propose you one adapted to your company and to the format of the desired pen. Whether you prefer to affix your logo, your initials, or even a short sentence, everything is possible as long as the writing is suitable for the size of your pen. In normal format or even in mini version, once is not usual, you remain the only one to decide on the product which makes you want and which will fill your customers, your colleagues as well as your close relations besides. Except the pens, the range of goodies proposed by Zaprinta is wide and it can be difficult to choose. Here again, do not hesitate to call upon its team to guide you in the quantities to order and the choice of your products.

Wait no longer to receive your personalized 4 color Bic pen

Your personalized 4-color Bic pen is finally chosen, no more doubts about the color of its body, the choice of its logo and the desired marking. Once your project is established, our team will offer you a digital preview within a few hours and will wait for your feedback before launching the creation stage. If you wish to change the color of your pen, the type of ink used, or any other element that does not suit you, let them know so that they can make the change. Once your project meets your expectations and you validate the quote, you will have to wait a few days for your products to see the light of day. Zaprinta has the fastest delivery times, so you can expect to receive your pens in about 7 days and distribute them to their recipients.