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HDPE Food Packaging Material 750ml  - Irby

HDPE Food Packaging Material 750ml - Irby

Introducing our high-quality HDPE food packaging material, recognized as one of the finest plastics for food


Per piece, base on 300 pieces

Logo in 4 colors

From 50 pieces

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Sports Water Bottle 1000ml - Sutton-in-Ashfield

Sports Water Bottle 1000ml - Sutton-in-Ashfield

Introducing our new and improved bottle, perfect for active individuals. With a guarantee of tightness, you


Per piece, base on 200 pieces

Logo in 6 colors

From 100 pieces

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Professional Bike Water Bottle 1000ml - Croydon

Professional Bike Water Bottle 1000ml - Croydon

Introducing the ultimate water bottle for bikers! This exceptional product is the pinnacle of quality in


Per piece, base on 200 pieces

Logo in 10 colors

From 100 pieces

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Fruit Infuser Water Bottle 700ml - Maghull

Fruit Infuser Water Bottle 700ml - Maghull

Introducing our latest water bottle, designed to enhance your hydration experience with the addition of healthy


Per piece, base on 100 pieces

Logo in 5 colors

From 3 pieces

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Gourde personnalisée école

Advertising bottle

Create an advertising bottle with your own company logo: stainless steel bottle, glass, aluminum,...

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Gourde avec logo

Bottle with logo

Discover our assortment of promotional bottles and water bottles that can be personalized with your logo.

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The different custom canisters

We offer a wide range of personalized cans and it is not always easy to make the difference and choose between all these materials. Our team is at your disposal to advise you and accompany you in the process of personalizing this object so practical. At Zaprinta Belgium, we offer 6 types of materials for your personalized water bottle.

  • The inox water bottle. Strong and usable for many years, the personalized stainless steel water bottle is made from renewable materials. Although it has some weight, you can carry it anywhere without any problem because it can hold at least 750 ml of liquid. Stainless steel does not change the taste of your drinks.
  • The aluminum water bottle. This canteen is also designed with natural materials and can be recycled. It is suitable for sports practice because it is very light.
  • The plastic water bottle. Economic and light material, the personalized plastic water bottle has many fans, especially children. It is well maintained and can be taken anywhere thanks to its light weight.
  • The ritan water bottle. It is a plastic water bottle without Bisphenol A (BPA). It is lightweight and durable.
  • The glass gourd. This product is fully recyclable but its weight deters many. It will be used mostly at home.
  • The bamboo gourd. Combined with a glass or stainless steel wall, this gourd will be appreciated by nature lovers.

How to choose the right custom canister for your purpose

The water bottle, in addition to being a advertising object is the essential ally of your sports practice. If you ride a bike you can choose a personalized cycling water bottle that will fit in the bottle holder or on your belt. For sports in general, it is preferable to take a solid and light personalized water bottle in aluminum or plastic. For work, you can choose the type of water bottle you prefer. If you have to move around a lot, choose a light water bottle. If you work indoors, a personalized glass bottle will be perfect.

An eco-friendly, guaranteed BPA-free water bottle

Each advertising canister is guaranteed free of BPA (Bisphenol A). Used in the manufacture of plastics since the 1960s thanks to its high resistance to heat, this chemical component is very harmful to health according to recent studies: it would have serious repercussions on the brain and could make sterile. BPA is now recognized as an endocrine disruptor, a substance that can interfere with our hormone system. For this reason, we have banned BPA from our products so that you can use them in a safe and healthy way.

What printing techniques are used?

For branding we use the following processes:

  • the silk screen with ink and stencils for better opacity.
  • the tampography which can capture any image. Perfect for a promotional canister, for example.
  • the digital printing that prints text or image directly from digital data.
  • the laser engraving that requires no ink. The gourd will be marked directly by a laser beam. This is the longest lasting and most impact resistant type of marking. It can be used for personalization of personalized gourd first name.

How does an order work?

Go to the Zaprinta Belgium website and choose your type of water bottle: advertising water bottles, promotional water bottles, sport water bottles or everyday water bottles. Then you have to choose the color of the water bottle and the placement of the branding. You can order in small quantities starting at 10 pieces. On some models you can choose up to 5000 pieces. Choose a logo, view the preview and if it suits you you can proceed to checkout. Delivery is fast, on average it takes a dozen days.

Who are we?

Zaprinta Belgium is honored to offer you quality services since 2016. Our team is at your disposal to help you find the perfect product whether it's for brand awareness or a gift. We offer a wide range of over 30,000 products. At Zaprinta Belgium you will be sure to find the perfect personalized can. You can contact our graphic design team by emailing We will help you invent a specific design for your logo branding. For any questions you can also contact us by sending an email to